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  • What music experience is required?
    The following courses do NOT require previous music or learning experience: All Individual Track Instruction, Songwriting, Music Production, and Audio/Visual Technology courses. Vocal experience is recommended for students enrolling in The Vocal Group training. The Worship Academy Ensemble is reserved for students at an intermediate to advanced level of skill. (experience required) *Students who are serious about participating in the Worship Ensemble are encouraged to consider enrolling in the Individual Track courses to gradually progress toward higher levels of performance skill.
  • How can I determine if my skill level is intermediate /advanced prior to applying for the IOP Worship Ensemble?
    Voice: Applicants should be able to maintain good intonation, to hear and hold a pitch, and be comfortable singing in a group setting. Some experience is preferred. Piano/Keyboard: Applicants should know all the notes on the piano, play all major scales, all major and minor chords, all major and minor seventh chords, and play in rhythm with a metronome. Guitar: Applicants should be able to play basic open and bar chords, play with a metronome, hear and playback rhythms and play with a bassist and drummer. Bass: Applicants should be able to play in time and have a firm understanding of note lengths, and play well with a drummer. Drums: Applicants should be able to play with a metronome, be comfortable playing with an ensemble, and have at least four to five basic grooves that they play with confidence.
  • What should the placement video consist of?
    A video recording is required only for those applying to the IOP Worship Ensemble and is used to assess skill level for sectional placement. Please record two or three songs with or without accompaniment (1 or 2 minutes of each song is all that’s necessary). The recording should NOT be professionally recorded, contain edits, or any other kind of production that may make it hard to gauge skill level. Forward all placement recordings to _______________ . Note: Say your name and the title of the song at the beginning of each recording.
  • What if I am unable to attend a session?
    Please notify the office as far IN ADVANCE as possible prior to missing a session. Individual Track students may receive 2 make-up lessons if a 24-hour notice is received. There are no make-up classes for group and ensemble programs and fees are not be prorated. If an instructor is absent for any reason, a qualified substitute instructor will be provided. Participants are encouraged to inquire about and complete missed individual or group assignments prior to attending their next session.
  • Where are sessions held?
    IOP is an independent, non-profit organization currently housed on the campus of Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena. All sessions are held at, but not sponsored by the church. IOP serves individuals and churches throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County area and is not specific to a church or denomination.
  • Can I speak with someone regarding additional questions?
    Yes. We would be glad to connect with you. Please send your questions and someone from the office will reach out to you. (place CONTACT US link here)
  • What is the age range for enrolling in IOP Programs?
    Currently, we are giving priority to young adults and high school students with limited space designated for students 1st through 8th grade, and adults above the age of 27. For age parameters see ‘PROGRAMS’.
  • What are the referral and recommendation letters required for Ensemble applicants?
    A referral letter of recommendation is only required for those applying to the IOP Worship Ensemble. The letter should be brief and informal from a pastor, teacher, or key leader who is qualified to speak primarily about the character of the applicant. (If a recommendation is difficult to obtain, please inquire about other options through email)
  • How do I enroll?
    Enrollment is on a first-come-first-served basis, with the exception of the Vocal Group Training and the Worship Academy Ensemble, which require a referral letter of recommendation. (Click here to apply)
  • What is the “collaboration option” mentioned with the Individual Track instruction choice?
    Learning how to practice and perform with other musicians is an important element of training and development. With this option, students rehearse together with a rhythm section once per month and work toward a collaborative performance at the end of week 12.
  • When does the next enrollment period begin?
    All Group and Ensemble Track programs follow a 12-week schedule. Individual Track, however, may also enroll on a month-to-month basis, but must inquire through email to ensure that space is available and that expectations by all parties (Worship Academy, Student, Parent/Guardian) can be reasonably met. (click here for schedule of programs)
  • Is there an additional cost for course materials?
    Individual Track students can anticipate purchasing theory, technique and an instrumental or voice book for instruction. Suggested materials may be purchased online or at a local music store. The cost will vary according to the instrument and student level. Group Track and Ensemble Track participants have a $25 binder and material fee.
  • Is financial assistance available?
    Partial scholarships are only available for advanced level applicants applying to the IOP Worship Ensemble. Scholarship applications should be requested prior to submitting the application, letter of referral, and video recording and should be included with the application submission.
  • Can payments be made in installments?
    Payments may be made in two or three installments, however, the initial payment must be made in advance of attending the first class. You must commit to completing the payment for the entire 12-week course. All courses are non-refundable.
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