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Instruments of Praise, Inc. (IOP) is a faith-based non-profit organization specializing in artistic music training encompassed in fundamental components of faith. Based in Pasadena, we currently serve throughout the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding Los Angeles County areas.


IOP offers formal music and worship training in a professional environment with quality tools and resources, music mentors, and instructors who train young musicians to be fully equipped to lead in worship – spiritually grounded first and musically skilled second.

Who We Are

Who We Are
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For more than three decades, we’ve provided services through various divisions and specialized areas of training and performance.


Our 33-year history of artistic development includes:

·      Drum-Central

·      Small Beginnings

·      Crescendo

·      Capo

·      Crosswinds ASAIL

·      Christian Performing Arts Camp

·      Concert of Dance


Our philosophy then and now has always been to equip each individual student with MORE THAN MUSIC by providing additional tools, life lessons, and experiences that cultivate growth.  Our motto is P.R.A.I.S.E.


Preparing and Raising Artists of Integrity to Serve in Excellence


Our Mission
Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize music training not only for skillset development, but also as a catalyst for spiritual enrichment, discipleship, and evangelism. 



In a world often defined by creativity, there are many who naturally excel in music.  Churches and schools are filled with talented musicians. However, for those called to use their gifts for Kingdom purposes, there are few opportunities for training specifically geared toward excellence in worship in a Christian-based teaching environment for worship musicians.


Our Vision

Our vision is to train the next generation of worshipers, musicians, and worship leaders. We believe that although everyone is called to worship – not everyone is called to do so from a platform.


Ours is an intentional intimate community where those who value excellence in music and who value faith, come together to not only learn through music education and collaborations, but also develop genuine relationships and accountability that “spurs each other on” in their faith.


Our training equips students to move from the mechanics of worship to freedom in delivery with greater insight, foundational knowledge, and improved skillset.  This allows them to participate at new levels in worship or performance on various platforms large or small. 


In honoring God with their skills and talents, the mindset of a worship leader and worship team is different from that required of typical musicians. Their skill development entails not only knowledge acquired through customary music education, but also discipline to incorporate personal time devoted to prayer and reading of the scriptures.  Along with standard categories of music, they must also learn various genres of worship songs and a diverse repertoire of Christian music.


Our team of instructors is made up of experienced educators and accomplished professional musicians who tailor the worship training experience with the students in mind.  Participants have an opportunity to work beside an A-list of worship leaders, church musicians, and industry artists as they provide professional insight and work to create the needed support as mentors.


We’re not the typical “take a lesson and we’ll see you next week” sort of organization.  Students love the atmosphere created to reflect our culture of faith, the access to mentors, and hanging out together beyond class time.


Whether as a songwriter, a musician, a worship leader, or in a technical support role – those who attend the IOP WORSHIP ACADEMY will gain the skills to impact their own church arena and beyond.

Our Vision
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